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Herman's Honeycomb

the purest form of honey

a unique method delivering natural wildflower honey directly from the hive

Bee Illustration

bring a comb home

Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of our unprocessed honey products. Honey bees build their comb directly in our serving tray; a unique process never touched by human hands. You won't find a sweeter touch of nature than this!

Free shipping for orders of six or more products!

A pot full 'o gold is a pot full 'o honey!

12oz Natural Honeycomb - $15

12oz Natural Honeycomb - $15

10oz Natural Honeycomb - $13

10oz Natural Honeycomb - $13

1lb Natural Honey - $8

1lb Natural Honey - $8

Tom L.

"Herman is the expert on honey bee production of cut comb honey! He consistently produces an outstanding product!"

Rose M.

"Best tasting and purest honey ever. Guaranteed pure, raw and unprocessed. Herman is friendly, fair and accommodating. Fair pricing. Wouldn't buy from anyone else."

Jake G.

"First time getting honeycomb and it was an awesome experience. Best tasting honey ever and a beautiful site."

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